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Transportation Defense

The transportation defense practice at Gendry & Sprague, P.C. consists of defending transport and common carrier companies, as well as individuals, against personal injury or negligence claims.

Our personal injury defense lawyers defend companies against personal injury claims that arise from commercial vehicle collisions and semi-tractor trailer accidents.  Commercial vehicle operators and manufacturers are held to higher standards than other vehicle operators and manufacturers.  As a result, these accidents can become very complex and you need an attorney with the technical and engineering expertise necessary to maneuver through the maze of local, state, and federal regulations that may apply.  Therefore, it is our belief that immediate attorney involvement and thorough accident investigation can help minimize liability, leaving our clients free to conduct their business without devoting considerable time to personal injury defense. 

The transportation defense practice at Gendry & Sprague, P.C. in San Antonio, Texas is closely related with our product liability and insurance defense practices. Contact us for more information.