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Aviation Defense

Our firm has successfully defended many forms of aviation matters, including products liability, negligence, contracts, or other disputes. These cases may range from defending an air carrier or a maintenance facility for negligence, to a complex multi-national contract dispute, or a major aircraft accident involving a civilian or military aircraft. In addition, our attorneys represent clients in transactional and regulatory matters.

Our attorneys, the majority with military and/or civilian flight experience, understand aviation and the aviation industry. We have spent over 20 years defending clients who build aircraft, aircraft components, and their insurers.

Gendry & Sprague, P.C. is a full service firm providing representation to clients nationally and internationally. These cases usually involve multiple plaintiffs and defendants, complex concepts, and complex issues of law. Our expertise in the courtroom, as well as knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration, ICAO regulations, international treaties, such as, the Montreal and Warsaw Conventions, are advantages to our clients.

We have litigated many aviation and aviation product cases and have established ourselves as one of the country’s leading aviation defense firms for our ability to try the most complex and sophisticated aviation cases and produce favorable results, either a verdict or a settlement.