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Court upholds limits on Navy sonar training

Sun, Mar 02, 2008

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Slain wife accuses husband from the grave

Wed, Jan 02, 2008

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Prosecutors drop parent-killing case

Wed, Jan 02, 2008

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Priest accused of lying in mob investigation

Wed, Jan 02, 2008

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Inmate shot dead after brazen escape

Wed, Jan 02, 2008

Shots were fired Wednesday morning at Maryland's Laurel Regional Hospital, not far from the nation's capital, law enforcement sources told CNN. ...

Juror: Judge and jury pressured me to convict

Mon, Dec 24, 2007

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Man convicted for Internet hoax death

Sat, Dec 22, 2007

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Zoloft killer's 30-year sentence appealed

Tue, Dec 18, 2007

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Girl who shielded mom is a hero at school

Tue, Dec 18, 2007

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Holloway disappearance hits cold case file

Tue, Dec 18, 2007

None of the three suspects in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway will be charged, the Aruban public prosecutor's office said today. Hans Mos, the island nation's chief public prosecutor, said there was not enough evidence to take the case to trial. ...

Legal Blog Watch

Use Hyperlinks, Don't 'Bitch-Slap' — and Other Tips from a 'Cranky' Federal Judge

Tue, Jun 25, 2013

The legal blogosphere is taking note of an amusing new guide to legal writing, courtesy of Senior U.S. District Court Judge Richard G. Kopf and his entertaining blog, Hercules and the Umpire. (Hat tip: Lawyerist) Kopf, who joined the short list of judge-bloggers earlier this year, made waves back in 2008 with an irreverent Top 10 style critique of the U.S. Supreme Court's sentencing decisions, ...

'Terroristic' Tattoo Spells Trouble for Minn. Man

Wed, Jun 19, 2013

The Pioneer Press (via ABA Journal) has the story of a Minnesota man who was sentenced to probation this week after pleading guilty to making a terroristic threat against a police officer -- a threat that took the unusual form of a tattoo of a pig. Twenty-one-year-old Antonio Jenkins Jr., reputedly a member of the Bloods street gang, was charged after he posted a photo on Facebook of a tattoo o...

Tenth Circuit Gives Man License to Sue Over 'Rain God'

Wed, Jun 12, 2013

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has revived a lawsuit by an Oklahoma man who objects to the image of a Native American sculpture on the state's license plates because its message conflicts with his Christian beliefs. The Associated Press reports that the court decided that Keith Cressman "can sue the state over its Indian 'rain god' license plate, ruling that the depiction of a ...

Law Firm's Viral TV Ad Leads to $1 Million Suit

Tue, Jun 11, 2013

An actress who starred in a popular advertisement for a New York personal injury law firm has filed a suit alleging that the agency that produced the spot licensed the ad and her image to law firms around the country without her knowledge and without compensating her. She's seeking close to $1 million in compensation from the agency and the other law firms that licensed the ad. Elena Aroaz appe...

Fifth Circuit Finds Breastfeeding Is 'Related' to Pregnancy

Mon, Jun 10, 2013

While several new health studies concerning breastfeeding are making the rounds, the topic has also been generating headlines in the employment law context, thanks to a recent Fifth Circuit ruling (as reported in Texas Lawyer's Tex Parte Blog) involving the firing of a woman because she wanted to use a breast pump at work. According to the opinion, when Donnicia Venters spoke to her boss at Hou...

A 'Judge Smash' in Sentencing Dispute With Prosecutors

Fri, Jun 07, 2013

It's not unusual for judges and prosecutors to fail to see eye-to-eye on criminal sentencing issues. But it might just be a first for a federal judge to send an email comparing herself to a comic book character known for morphing into a large, green, superhuman "Hulk," and warn lawyers in the U.S. Attorney's Office, "You won't like me when I'm angry." The email has, not surprisingly, garnered s...

Father Seeking Visitation Rights Wears Nazi Uniform to Court

Wed, Jun 05, 2013

Last week we discussed an Illinois judge who, after being arrested on drug and firearms charges, ended up at a court hearing wearing cut-off jean shorts and a T-shirt bearing the slogan, "Bad is my middle name." Not the most appropriate ensemble, to be sure, but here (via Jonathan Turley) is the story of a litigant who took the concept of questionable courtroom attire to the extreme. A New Jers...

Warnings Aside, Parents Still Want Their Kids to Grow Up to Be Lawyers

Fri, May 31, 2013

A new survey from has been making the rounds on law blogs this week, due to its somewhat surprising revelation that, even amid seemingly constant headlines about the shaky job market greeting today's law grads, nearly two-thirds of parents hope that their children will pursue careers in the law. The survey results were based on 1,001 phone interviews conducted in English and Spanish...

When Complaining About Your Job on Facebook Can Get You Fired

Thu, May 30, 2013

Employment law blogs, including Porter Wright's Employer Law Report and Ogletree Deakins' Employment Law Matters, have been discussing an Advice Memorandum recently released by the National Labor Relations Board that addresses when an employee may be fired over negative comments about an employer on social media, and when such messages constitute "protected concerted activity" under the Nationa...

'Bad' Judge Embroiled in Drug Scandal After Colleague's Death

Wed, May 29, 2013

An Illinois judicial scandal involving drugs, death and some truly unfortunate courtroom attire has been gaining steam this week. An arraignment was held Tuesday for St. Clair County probation worker James Fogarty, who is accused of selling cocaine to two county judges, Joseph Christ and Michael Cook. Christ died in March while on a hunting trip with Cook at a lodge owned by Cook's family. A co...

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