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Gendry & Sprague, P.C. provides mediation services for court-ordered and private mediations in San Antonio and the State of Texas.  Our mediators are experienced in family law, personal injury case, insurance law, real estate, probate law, contract disputes, DTPA case, products liability case, and construction disputes.  In addition, we have bilingual mediators available.


Mediations are conducted at a location that is convenient to all of the parties.  The mediation may be held in the office of either party’s counsel or, if a neutral site is preferred, arrangements can be made to hold the mediation at our offices.


Generally, if the parties have requested a jury trial, the court will require a mediation before trial.  The court will usually allow the parties to select the mediator.  However, if the parties are unable to agree on a mediator, the Court will appoint one for them.


Mediation Fee Schedule (per Party)

No. of Parties              Half Day          Full Day

            2                         $375.00           $750.00

            3                         $375.00           $750.00

            4                         $350.00           $700.00

            5                         $325.00           $650.00

            6                         $300.00           $600.00